Friend's projects

Photo's of projects submitted by customers and friends.
Email us your photos if you'd like your projects posted here

Updated Jan, 2021

Giac's dining room photo #1

Giac's dining room photo #2


Eleanor's cabin porch


Eleanor's cabin inside


Pandora's fortune teller's room


Joan's wedding day room box


Marlene's Jewish Deli - circa 1940-50's
Aunt Julie and Grandpa



Joan's's Italian kitchen


Marlene's project


Frankie Lymon of The Teenagers (1950's doo wop group) by Marlene


Marlene's 1950's kitchen


Pat's colonial store


Pat's bakery


Pat's pastry shop


Henry's Keeping Corner by Pat B


Pat's canning corner


Janet's cabin


Maureen's hotel lobby


Doris's bedroom


Doris's kitchen

Pat's Pink Rose pastry shop

Pat's English bakery

Pat's Henry's keeping room

Keeping room

Pat's Henry's dining room

Henry's dining room

Pat's colonial shop

Pat's colonial house

Inger's house

Nancy's roombox


Louise's Party time #1!


Louise's Party time #2!

Louise's Party time #3!

Louise's nursery

Louise's diner

Louise's popcorn and parrots


Vivi's pharmacy



Lissa's house (photos of rooms below)

Lissa's dining room

Lissa's kitchen

Lissa's parlour


Carol's house

Carol L's bath

Carol L's porch

Carol L's porch

Louise's nursery

Louise's Woody Allen in the movie "Sleeper"

Yvonne's castle

Carolyn P's sewing room

Susan N's projects

Abbie R's house

Kathy M's Dr. office

Gabriella's Wind in the Willows

Kathy's general store

Kathy's Christmas

Kathy's bakery

Kathy's barn

Kathy's bedroom

Cheers! by Kathy

Julie's bird store

Connie's Christmas project


Nancy's boutique

Nancy's kitchen

Nancy's girl's playroom

Nancy's laundry

Nancy's wine and garden

Nancy's office

Mickey's country store

Bonnie's Cabin  (work in progress)

Ellie's Little House on the Prairie

Barbara C's house (work in progress)

Kaye's house

Kaye's farmhouse kitchen

Kaye's market stall

Kaye's garden shed

Kaye's park scene

Patricia's jewelry shop

Valerie's house

Dianne's beauty shop

Shizuka's projects

Jennifer's Williamsburg pineapple tower

Pat's bbq


Ellie's cabin


Kimberly's music room

Jacque's projects

Dining room


Music room


Morning room

Nancy's projects

Michelle's dollhouse

Marilyn's conservatory

Jennifer's indoor garden

Mary Anne's kitchen

Diane's London street of shops


Janelle's made from scratch house (in progress). 

Lynn's porch

Pam's attic bedroom

Lynn's flea market

Marilyn R's vignette

Marilyn W's kitchen and bedroom


Lois's Ginny girl's fall school scene


Lois's Memory Kitchen (upgraded)

Pat's Porch

Old fashioned kitchen.  Dolls made by Carolyn except for the boy

Julie's work
Completed house


By Mary Anne

Mission style rooms

Mission rooms by Maryanne


Joni's store front 

Heather's house


Cindy's stores


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